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State of the Nation

This message marks 5 years of weekly insights. Every week I’ve committed my thoughts, ideas and inspirations to ‘paper’ and asked you to be my witness. Thank you so much for your continuing interest in what I have to say. As you’re still here I guess it must be of some interest! Look out for […]

Partners in Believing

This a term I first heard from Mary Morrissey, founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, but this is not necessarily about shared beliefs. ‘Partners in Believing’ may have different beliefs, different faiths, different cultural understandings: what it’s about is ‘believing’ itself. What you or I believe in doesn’t matter. We can be ‘partners in believing […]

“You’ll Catch Your Death . . .”

A favourite saying of the pre-baby boomer generation, tended to be followed by “Wrap up warm”. There seems to have been sone idea that cold – by itself – was responsible for many ‘seasonal’ diseases. The very name ‘common cold’ (the result of a coronavirus infection) reinforces this idea that diseases are caused or spread […]

Pay it Forward

I first came across this idea in one of the books by John C Maxwell but the term itself goes back to antiquity and was popularised and explained by Robert Heinlein in his 1951 book ‘Between Planets’. It’s an interesting concept: instead of paying someone ‘back’ for what they have done for you, you use […]

October Morning

“Oh, October morning, Whisky bottle by my bed, Bye for ever, It’s all over, See you never the lady said . . .” So wrote my friend, the late Pete Fulwell, in a song for the band ‘Childhood’s End’ which I’ve referred to before. I’m having an ‘October morning’ right now, but it was wine […]

“For the Avoidance of Doubt . . .”

Something you and I hear often – it usually means someone has failed to explain something properly in the first place! Making comparisons contributes to our belief set, by a process of elimination, comparing one idea to another or considering the evidence presented in favour of one argument against another. We also create beliefs from […]

Go Compare . . .

I can’t help putting those words to a tune, and the one I think of is the First World War song ‘Over There . . . the Yanks are coming . . .’ etc. I don’t know anything about opera, but the tune may have come from there in the first place, given the character […]

The Achievers’ Edge

You and I like to think of ourselves as ‘achievers’, even when we haven’t quite turned our dreams and visions into reality. But what is an ‘achiever’? And what is this ‘edge’? An achiever of course, is anyone who achieves any sort of goal or meets any sort of target however small, but this is […]

I’m Sorry . . .

It appears I might have been confusing you. Someone caused me to think about this the other day and it’s about something I was taught by, among others, Mary Morrissey. When I first attended ‘Dreambuilder Live’ in Baltimore a few years ago we were taken through an exercise called the ‘Time Machine’ – and it’s […]

“Mind the Gap”

This phrase is always evocative of trips to London with my grandparents as a small child. I wonder sometimes if the change of this to “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform” is not an indicator of the general ‘dumbing down of the nation, but it was perfectly clear to me as […]