Hierarchy of Needs?

I’m sticking my neck out this week to take issue with one of the most common ‘understandings’ about human psychology. I’m not a qualified psychologist and I don’t know all the answers, but this just doesn’t make sense from my point of view. Abraham Maslow in 1943 came up with a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ which […]

Sod’s Law!

“If anything can go wrong, it will!” So states the legendary ‘Sod’s Law’ of life. But what does it mean? What do you and I understand by something ‘going wrong’? Something unexpected happens Something stops ‘working’ Things just don’t go ‘according to plan’ And so on . . . But as you and I know […]


You and I set goals, as do many people. Much thought and agonising goes into the activity of setting goals. Goals are classified in to ‘SMART’ and not SMART, A, B and C goals and so on. We talk about being specific, we talk about goals being achievable – or ‘stretch’. We set goals we […]

The Secret of Success

Much emphasis is placed in the academic, business and personal development ‘worlds’ to name just a few, on the concept of ‘success’. Being, aspiring to be, or becoming ‘a success’ are often cited as the reason many people do what they do in life. It’s difficult to fond a definition of ‘success’ as there’s more […]

Time and Money Freedom?

There are two aspects of freedom which are somewhat different from those I discussed last time. These two are frequently referred to in the network marketing and personal development circles as ‘Time and Money Freedom’. But what does that mean? I regard them as ‘second level’ freedoms because they’re based on artificial concepts. ‘Time’ and […]

I Feel Free

What is ‘Freedom’? There are many different kinds and understanding of ‘freedom’ – but what is it fundamentally? Freedom relates to most of what we, as humans, do, and how we live our lives but when it comes down to it in this ‘unfree world’, you and I are quite constrained in the ‘degrees of […]

One is All

I’m going to bring this brief introduction to Life Mastery to a close with a couple of final pieces in the puzzle. The first comes from Henry David Thoreau’s essay ‘Walden’ published in 1854 where he states: (I’ve left this in the masculine as written, the past cannot be changed) “If one advances confidently in […]