The Achievers’ Edge

You and I like to think of ourselves as ‘achievers’, even when we haven’t quite turned our dreams and visions into reality. But what is an ‘achiever’? And what is this ‘edge’? An achiever of course, is anyone who achieves any sort of goal or meets any sort of target however small, but this is […]

I’m Sorry . . .

It appears I might have been confusing you. Someone caused me to think about this the other day and it’s about something I was taught by, among others, Mary Morrissey. When I first attended ‘Dreambuilder Live’ in Baltimore a few years ago we were taken through an exercise called the ‘Time Machine’ – and it’s […]

“Mind the Gap”

This phrase is always evocative of trips to London with my grandparents as a small child. I wonder sometimes if the change of this to “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform” is not an indicator of the general ‘dumbing down of the nation, but it was perfectly clear to me as […]

The Way Forward

After about 15 years ‘helping out’ the UK rail industry I found myself in a contract with Metronet, project managing signalling renewal on the London Underground. Driving down from Cheshire to Tottenham on a Sunday afternoon and staying in a bedsit until driving back on Saturday morning, I began to question what I was doing. […]

Showing the Way

The ‘mid-life crisis’ came upon me after I turned 30. My partner Sue had left the business, and me, to pursue other interests and I was beginning to become aware that change was in the offing. I’d learnt to Scuba dive and was really enthusiastic about it and thought this might be the ‘way forward’. […]

‘My Way’

‘My Way’ In my opinion the best rendition of this song was by Sid Vicious – well, at least the most memorable! Hear the song at funerals these days, often wonder whether the ‘departed’ chose it or someone else thought it might be appropriate. Think I might put it in my Will – to play […]

Strands of Time

Have you ever thought you might be going in the wrong direction? The path you’re taking might not be leading you where you intend to go? I have. Have you ever thought you might be ‘chasing shadows’, what or who you think you see ahead might not really be there at all? I have, and […]