Brave New World

This phrase was first coined by Shakespeare but became prominent as the title of a book by Aldous Huxley published in 1932 describing dystopian a future world, one of the main themes being the dangers of giving the state control over new and powerful technologies. ‘Dystopia’ is the antonym or opposite of ‘Utopia’ – the […]

Empty Spaces

Over the last few years, I’ve been watching, observing, reading, what people around the world are doing and saying. There has been much focus on the past, ‘the way we were’ – or more correctly the way many people imagined ‘we were’, not actually having been around at the time envisaged. There have been many […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve used this phrase a few times before and it’s one that rolls easily off the tongue. Most people though, have very little idea of what it really means. The best way of putting it is to refer back to Marisa Peer’s ‘Rules of the Mind’ I wrote about in detail a while ago. There […]

Alternate Universe?

There was an article in the news a few days ago claiming that ‘scientists’ had ‘accepted’ the ‘possibility’ of the existence of one or many ‘alternate universes’. Now if ‘the Universe’ is everything and everything is energy in space, how can that be possible? There would have to be another ‘set’, another instance, of ‘everything’. […]

The Power of Giving

In the 15th century, Ignatius of Loyola, a Spanish nobleman and founder of the Jesuit order came up with a prayer that included the words “to give and not to count the cost” – I’m sure you’ve heard of it and how the rest of it goes. I have found that the meaning of ‘giving’ […]

Are We Good Stewards?

Throughout religious texts and especially those of the ‘people of the Book’ – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – there are countless references to ‘stewardship’ and how we should be ‘good stewards’. Much has been written and preached on the subject of stewardship, but few people really understand what it’s all about. For most people the […]

The Power of Money

“Money makes the world go around” sang Liza Minelli and Joel Grey in the 1972 film ‘Cabaret’- from a musical play written in 1960 set in pre-war Germany. The musical has a ‘dark side’ set against a background of the recovery from the dire financial straits of the country and the Nazi takeover and in […]