Wrong Number

You and I place a lot of attention on numbers. You could say everything we do, how we live, how we choose to be governed, is based on numbers. But are they the ‘right’ numbers? You see, you can do pretty much anything with numbers. I used to know quite well two Economists, professors at […]

Shelf Development

At the back of the bookshop – this was when the only independent sources of information were bookshops and libraries – At the back of the bookshop there was a poorly lit area signed ‘Self Help’ – just before you reached the ‘Occult’ section right at the back. This was around 20BC – that’s 20 […]

The Grim Reaper

It was the salmon mousse The dinner party scene in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life commented on death. The idea one could refuse to accept it, especially when it appeared unexpectedly as the result of something seemingly innocuous or that there was no ‘fear’ of death involved is telling. When I was young, I was […]

What’s the Difference?

I was put in Pembroke House. I don’t remember why it was called that, only that we wore yellow badges and the other ‘houses’ were red, blue and green. The badge was a Bishop’s mitre, the school founded in 1596 by Archbishop of Canterbury, John Whitgift. There’s something about the ‘house’ system. The only ‘difference’ […]

To Be or Not to Be?

That indeed is the question. I could write a whole book in this, and I probably will, but not right now. Stop and think for a minute – how many times do you and I find ourselves faced with that question? Because unlike the Prince of Denmark’s case this is not a ‘one off’ event. […]

Silver Lining

The song by Jeff Beck, ‘Hi ho, Silver Lining’ merits some analysis but there are a couple of key lines in it: “Anything you want is yours now, only nothing’s for free” The song always reminds me of travelling in the back of a Royal Signals Land Rover along that North African coast road which […]

Back to the Future

‘Past, present and future’ is a common framework that most people would consider they understand, and they think of this ‘timeline’ in terms of days, , months, decades and so on. But really, the ‘timeline’ has very little to do with ‘time’. There are many science fiction stories about people going back and ‘changing the […]