Routines and Rituals

Routines and Rituals You and I are ‘creatures of habit’. We are ‘ruled’ by two kinds of habit – routines and rituals – that we carry out every day or on a regular basis. We get into a ‘routine’ – a way of doing things during the day, or the week. Probably not the same […]

Proof of the Pudding

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” so they say. From a culinary point of view this is about how the ‘pudding’ was prepared and although it might ‘look good’ it may not necessarily be so good when it comes to eating it. ‘Proving’ in this case has a somewhat different meaning to […]

“The 7 Big Mistakes . . .”

You may have noticed that there are always ‘7 Big Mistakes’ – whatever it is you or I are embarked on someone will offer a ‘free report’ describing them and of course leading up to a sales pitch. We have our ‘Seagulls’ and we may have broken down what we need to do into B […]

The Rule of Law

“Ye cannae break the Laws of Physics Cap’n” said Scotty in Star Trek – frequently! Physics is all about energy and the Universe consists only of energy and space. The ‘Laws of Physics’ are the Laws of the Universe expressed from a ‘scientific’ point of view and are sometimes also described as the Laws of […]


There were about a hundred of us sitting in a conference room with Bob Proctor and he suddenly started talking about ‘identifying your seagulls’. What? What is he talking about? Then the slide came up and we realised he was talking about goals – C-Goals. But let me go back a step or two. This […]

Taking Sides

“Whose side are you on?” It might be worth applying the Steve Shapiro (‘Listening for Success’) formula to this sentence – repeat it five times with the emphasis on a different word each time – you get five different meanings. Not only is this question – whichever way you say it – aggressive, but it […]

Wasted Effort?

There are three key things or concepts on which most people spend a great deal of time, effort and energy which are, in fact, a complete waste of that time, effort and energy. You may be surprised to know what they are: Money is worthless. I have said this before, but I reiterate that money […]