The Dimension Paradigm – Part 3

A few people, maybe around 3% of the global population, have grown their fifth dimensional consciousness to higher levels, maybe 25% of their consciousness, and started to ‘leave behind’ the constraints of the third dimension. Most people involved in any form of energy healing, alternative therapies and spirituality (not Spiritualism which has turned into a […]

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 2

The Fourth and Fifth dimensions are really where we ‘live’ whilst the Third Dimension, and partly the second, are what we live ‘in’. ‘Life’ itself as I mentioned last time is essentially a highly complex ‘chemical reaction’ – more a system of interlocked reactions that allow life to ‘go on’. These complex frameworks can be […]

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 1

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about the ‘dimensions’. There are many writers and ‘teachers’ on the dimensions. Some say there are an infinite number of dimensions, but most have put a number on it and the majority ‘vote’ seems to be for there being just ten identifiable dimensions. […]

The Fact of the Matter

There’s a lot of talk about ‘facts’. People claim that they have the ‘true facts’, or about something being a ‘scientific fact’ and so on. But what is ‘fact’ or ‘a fact’? Is there indeed such a thing? The definition of the word includes a ‘get out’ clause in that a ‘fact’ is something that […]

Masters of the Universe

I was inspired to this hearing Queen’s song from ‘A Kind of Magic’ and the film ‘Highlander’. I’m taking a bit of a liberty as the words are really ‘Princes of the Universe’ but it, and to an extent the underlying theme of the film, relates to the same thing. We are Masters of the […]

A Speck of Dust

And so it came to pass that a tiny speck of matter, smaller than a speck of dust, appeared on the planet. No-one know from whence it came and at first no-one noticed it at all, it might have been around for years. It was not alive, it had no awareness, just a few molecules […]

The Ultimate Answer

I may have said before that the ultimate answer to ‘life the universe and everything’ is, as Douglas Adams suggested, ‘42’ or ‘whatever you wish it to be’. But that’s not the real answer, or the real ‘Secret’, and in her book of that name Rhonda Byrne only touched on the edges of the matter. […]