The Time Warp

“You take a step to the left, And then a step to the right, . . . . . . . . . . . Let’s do the time warp again!” So wrote Richard O’Brien in the iconic Rocky Horror Show. We usually represent time on a graph as a line going from left to […]

Every Day . . .

Every day you and I recommend things to other people without even thinking about it. Sometimes it’s something simple like something we’ve enjoyed, a film or a restaurant for example. We let them know because we think they might enjoy it too. We give people advice (sometimes whether they ask for it or not) because […]

Where do you go from here . . .

in order to get to ‘there’? – If ‘there’ is the realisation of your passions how do you get there? Once you know what your passion is you can then identify a set of goals that will allow you to realise that passion, and then work towards those goals. Usually achieving goals is described as […]

What’s in a dream?

It’s that time of year again when you and I start to think about the ‘new year’ and look back at what has been achieved over the last 365 days. This of course is linear thinking and that may not be the right way to go – but more on that another time. Now if […]

“Who, Who are you . . . ?”

Not just the theme to a popular US Crime Soap but a great song by The Who. But it’s also a question that’s likely to crop up quite a lot over the next few weeks as our social activities increase over what our American cousins like to call ‘the Holidays’. “Who are you?” is usually […]

I Won’t Do That

The lyrics of Meatloaf’s song don’t actually cover exactly what is was that he wouldn’t do for love – please correct me if I’m wrong! Outside the realm of those things which are illegal, immoral, unethical, would result in personal injury, or are just plain stupid there seem to be a huge catalogue of things that people ‘won’t […]

Know What?

It doesn’t matter – pick any topic – you do know about something! Then again . . . Maybe you just think you know or perhaps you’d like to know. Alternatively . . . Maybe you know people who don’t think they need to know or even positively decline to know and refuse to listen. Perhaps […]