Too Much Information

You and I are all constantly bombarded with more and more ‘information’. Some of this may be useful information that we want, but the rest of it is often irrelevant to us or simply rubbish or even harmful. It’s all a bit like the rays bombarding us through the atmosphere – light, cosmic, ultra-violet and […]

It’s Not Normal!

I’m hearing a lot just recently about people wanting to be ‘normal’ or wanting the ‘right’ to a ‘normal life’ or wanting others to ‘behave like normal people’. But what is ‘normal’? Without getting involved in statistical, linguistic or even political discussions ‘normal’ means ‘not deviating from the norm’. In statistics a normal distribution is […]

It’s All Relative

Since last week more evidence has come to light (if that’s the right word in this particular instance) to support Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – still a ‘theory’ by the way, not a ‘Law’ – just like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Not to say that either of these are ‘wrong’ – it’s just that neither […]

Seeing is Believing

But faith is blind. People often get very confused about ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ very often thinking that they are the same thing. They’re not. Most people’s beliefs are based on ‘evidence’ – which may of course be true or false. Now by ‘false’ I don’t necessarily mean untrue or incorrect, I mean unclear or unproven […]

Pay Attention!

Yes, you probably heard that once or twice at school, not necessarily directed at you though . . . or was it? ‘Attention’, in the sense I’m using it now, is defined as ‘steady application of the mind’. Perhaps like ‘focus’ or ‘concentration but maybe not as intense. Paying attention to something means applying your […]

Clear as mud?

An old saying but very true. It’s how most of us see things. We have an idea about what we want to do but we’re not quite sure . . . We see an advert or read an article but we’re not quite sure what they are getting at. We have a feeling about someone […]

Not Going to Happen

So you’ve made your ‘New Year Resolutions’ – and at least one of them hasn’t happened – go on, admit it, it just didn’t work out. You’ve added something else to your list of things you ‘can’t do’, ‘don’t want to do’ or just don’t ‘feel like’ doing or maybe it’s your list of things […]