Rapid Transformational Therapy – RTT

What Happens

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hypnosis driven technique that draws out the underlying root cause or causes of the issue you wish to deal with and usually of other issues that may present in you. In most cases a single session of between 90 and 150 minutes is sufficient to clear and resolve most situations but occasionally in the case of complex issues additional sessions may be required.

  • Part 1 – Assessing your situation, looking at symptoms and how they are triggered, a brief review of your background, especially n childhood, and clarification of the outcome you expect from the session. An intake form is provided for this purpose.
  • Part 2 – Carrying out the session under hypnosis and the creation of a transformation hypnosis session for you to use for the following 21 days and regularly thereafter.
  • Part 3 – Post session you will need to go into self-hypnosis using the recording provided for 21 consecutive days to consolidate resolution of the issue(s) discovered. The recording will be about 20 minutes long and you can use it during the day at a ‘quiet time’ or just before you go to sleep at night.


Hypnosis is a technique by which you, or more effectively a therapist, can partly disconnect your conscious mind from your conscious mind. It allows you to act and choose though your intuitive mind rather than through your logical mind and the effect of this is that it gives you easier access to all the information, in the form of memories, stored in your subconscious brain.

It gives you access to things that in the past your logical mind may have, for one reason or other, suppressed and ‘locked away’.

Hypnosis unlocks that information but contrary to popular myth you do not lose ‘control’ when under hypnosis, it’s just that the control is passed to your intuition instead of your ‘logic’. You will not do, or cannot be made to do, anything that you don’t feel is ‘right’ or useful to you during the session.

RTT is a highly effective hypnotic therapy which identifies and resolves the underlying root causes of issues rather than simply dealing with the symptoms on the surface. It is thus much quicker and more economic than a series of conventional hypnotherapy sessions