The Life Mastery Toolkit is a resource where you’ll find all you need to help you –

  • understand how life works
  • understand who you are and what makes you tick
  • create a clear vision of who you want to be and what you want to do, have and give
  • improve your lifestyle in terms of health & wellness, relationships & communication, money and time freedom, doing what you want to do
  • get ‘unstuck’ or past a ‘blockage’ in your life
  • help someone else to discover and achieve what they want

What's In The Toolkit?

The Life Mastery Toolkit is a set of tools, techniques, materials and resources to help you run your life as efficiently as you run your home.

It helps you mend what’s broken, clear out the junk, and clean up afterwards. 

And it helps you maintain everything and keep your life going with regular ‘improvements’ – just like you do with your home.

The Life Mastery Toolkit has been put together by Ben Coker, an experienced coach, trainer, writer and speaker.

It contains all sorts of useful things, but do remember, like your home toolkits, you don’t need, or have, to use all the tools every time something needs fixing or improving! Just the ones the do the job you want done.

This ‘toolkit’ has been assembled over 50 years and represents a lot of investment of time and money. I’ve discarded many things along the way that don’t really work – you know, like some of the great gadgets on the shopping channels; and kept only the things that work and are really useful.

It would be easy to say that ‘everyone’ or ‘anyone’ needs the toolkit, but that’s not true. The toolkit is only useful when you realise that you have a ‘job’ to do on yourself.

There’s no point in having it unless you’re actually going to use it.

You and I know the people who buy all the latest gadgets  and tools but never use them, or have a library of books they’ve never read! The toolkit is not for them.

 The Life Mastery Toolkit is for you IF –

  • You’re seriously interested in self development
  • You want to know how ‘life, the universe and everything’ works
  • You have a life or lifestyle problem you want to solve
  • You have a vision or dream but no idea how to achieve it
  • You are ‘stuck’ somewhere in one of your life domains
  • You’re open minded and willing to learn
  • You’re not looking for an ‘instant’ remedy
  • You’re prepared to invest (as I have) your time and some money in achieving the life you would love to live

 The Life Mastery Toolkit is based on the concept of Personal Transformational Coaching.

It’s about ‘unpacking’ and ‘repacking’ your ‘mindset’ to help you identify the life you would love to live and bring it into reality.

I won’t deny that you can do this by yourself, without the help of a Coach, but it’s a lot harder and takes a lot longer.

  • You’ll learn about the biggest mistakes that hundreds of thousands of people make every year and why, for the vast majority, the ‘Law of Attraction just doesn’t ‘work’..
  • You’ll discover what you need to do to avoid this fate.
  • You’ll see what you need to do (or not do) to create your vision (or dream) of the life you would love to live and how to ‘get started’ on building it.

The toolkit is just what it says it is – a kit of tools, providing practical methods, techniques, tools and actions you can take, easily, to get on the way to achieving your ‘dream’

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