The Personal Business Toolkit is a resource where you’ll find all you need to help you –

  • start up your own business from scratch
  • create a clear vision of what you want for your business
  • get your existing business moving
  • restart a business that is ‘stuck’
  • learn how to market your business
  • get help with the ‘rules and regulations’
  • understand how your accounts work

What's In The Toolkit?

The Personal Business Toolkit is a set of tools to help you create, operate and develop your business. And like all other ‘toolkits’ you don’t need to use ALL the tools every time you open it – only what you need.

And of course, it’s only when you realise that you actually have a ‘job’ to do, that you need it!

Every day we are tempted by ‘bright shiny objects’ – you know, those gadgets. books, webinars, business opportunities and programmes that, according to the promoters, ‘everyone’ needs and must have!

The trouble is that when we buy them, and we’ve all done it – be honest, that can be the last time we think about them, let alone use them or put the ideas into practice.

This is different – it’s not for ‘everyone’. You’ll only need the toolkit if:

  • you’re seriously interested in starting a business but don’t know how
  • you want to have your own business but don’t know what
  • you’ve had some sort of ‘business opportunity’ presentation and are ‘thinking about it’
  • you’ve just started in a business of your own, but aren’t 100% sure how to proceed
  • you have your own business but it’s ‘stuck’, not going anywhere, and you’re not sure what to do
  • you have a ‘great idea’ and think it might be the basis of a business
  • you have a key skill or specialist knowledge and aren’t sure how to develop an income from it (other than being employed)
  • you’ve been asked for a ‘business plan’ but don’t have one or aren’t sure how to provide the right information
  • you need some independent advice or assistance with a ‘problem’ or a project
  • you don’t have any written ‘compliance’ information or how to create it

But, as well, you must be:

  • open minded and willing to learn
  • not looking for an ‘instant’ remedy or income
  • prepared to invest some time and money into getting your business to where you want it to be

About the Toolkit

 The Personal Business Toolkit was created by Ben Coker, CEO of Business Developments Ltd. and author of ‘What The Don’t Tell You About Starting a Business‘ published by Casbon House.

But the toolkit isn’t just for starting your business, it’s about developing and growing it as well.

The key topics covered include:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Launch
  • Marketing and Sales (they aren’t the same thing by the way)
  • Using the Internet
  • Compliance with Health & Safety, Data Protection, and all the other things that are sent to try us!
  • Financial planning, management and policies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Information Management
  • IT – what you need and what you don’tneed

Included in the Toolkit is access to a wealth of other resources and people who I know can help you in your particular business to achieve your particular goals. More about this ‘inside’ the Toolkit.

  • You’ll learn about the biggest mistakes that hundreds of thousands of business owners make every year and why the vast majority of new businesses ‘fail’ on average in the first 9 months.
  • You’ll discover what you need to do to avoid this fate.
  • You’ll see what you need to do (or not do) to get your business of the ground if you’re starting from scratch and how to keep it going and growing if you’re already up and running.

The toolkit is just what it says it is – a kit of tools, providing practical methods, techniques, tools and actions you can take, easily, to have a really good chance of your business being a success.

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