Writing and Publications

I am accomplished writer. People have been paying me to write stuff for nearly 50 years.

I’ve produced marketing materials, student guides, city guides, technical manuals, process manuals, safety manuals and so on for all sorts of businesses and organisations.

Currently I’m involved in three major projects which I hope will help sow you the way to an improved business or personal life, whatever the context.

I produce a weekly ‘insight’, just a few words about my ‘take’ on things

I’m writing a series of short books, guidebooks really, about personal and business development – ‘from the ground up’. These are for you if you want to start or grow your own business or if you want to make a change in your lifestyle.

I also undertake work in two specific business areas. marketing and process development, as a consultant, which always involves writing reports and recommendations alongside the subject of the assignment.

I also operate a publishing company ‘Casbon House Publications‘ to help people publish and promote their own work at a much lower cost that most other publishers.